Applies to: Exchange Server An offline address book (OAB) is a copy of an address list collection that's been downloaded so a Microsoft. Summary: Learn how offline address books are created and distributed in Exchange Server and Exchange Server Learn about offline address books (OABs) in Exchange Online.

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    Exchange Offline Address Book

    Summary: Learn the tasks that administrators need to know to manage offline address books in Exchange Server and Exchange Server. An Offline Address Book is a downloaded copy of a Microsoft Outlook user's Exchange administrators can configure which Offline Address Books users can. Offline address book(OAB) is the Local Copy downloaded to the Outlook Client Machine from the Exchange Servers for the Local Queries of.

    What is an Offline Address Book? Why do we need an OAB? From Outlook clients When Address queries happens, It will validate against the local Offline Address book before it reaches to Exchange servers and also helps in doing the offline search when disconnected. If the server is down for some reason, clients will get problem with downloading the OAB till the server comes online or moved the OAB to another Server. Over the years it got decent improvements and developments. From Exchange on wards, Offline address book is being distributed using the Web-based Distribution method only being said that, Public folder based Distribution is removed and OAG Generation has been moved to the disgnated Mailbox. Why this Change?. It helps in many ways. OAB Version 4 only Supported OAB had many versions in the past, currently it supports only version 4, This version of the OAB is Unicode, and allows clients to receive differential updates, instead of always using full downloads. An arbitration mailbox with this capability is also known as an organization mailbox. You can get the OAB Generating mailboxes using the below command,. If required we can change the schedule or manually enforce to update OAB. Will post them with images in upcoming articles. There should be only one mailbox configured for the OAB Generation. OAB Maintains the Unique identifier for the last update on the Outlook client done, based on that when it connects next time using that Unique identifier.

    If you have to use two or more profiles that use Cached Exchange Mode, make sure that one of the profiles is configured to not download the OAB.

    Exit focus mode. Theme Light.

    High contrast. Offline address books are generated every 8 hours. On the Offline address book dialog box that's displayed, make the following selections: Click OK. The OAB is downloaded and saved on your computer. For example: One or more OAB files are missing from the client computer. A previous full download failed, and Outlook has to start over.

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    OAB (offline address book)

    Submit feedback. There are no open issues. You can't move OAB generation to a previous version of Exchange. Web-based distribution Web-based distribution is the distribution method by which Outlook , Outlook , or Outlook clients that are working offline can access the OAB.

    There are several advantages to using Web-based distribution, including: Support of more concurrent client computers.

    Reduction in bandwidth usage. More control over the OAB distribution points. To benefit most from Web-based distribution, client computers must be running Outlook , Outlook , or Outlook To function properly, Web-based distribution depends on the following components: OAB generation process: This is the process by which Exchange creates and updates the OAB.

    The OAB files are then distributed directly from the Mailbox server to the client. If you have client-side users that connect to Outlook from outside your organization's firewall, you can add an external website.

    How to Plan and Deploy Offline Address Book(OAB) | Windowstechpro

    For information, see Create an offline address book virtual directory. Autodiscover service: This is a feature available in Outlook , Outlook , Outlook , and in some mobile devices that automatically configure the clients for access to Exchange. For more information, see OAB size considerations later in this topic. Number of OAB downloads.

    Number and frequency of parent distinguished name changes.

    SMTP address mismatches. Overall number of changes made to the directory.

    How to troubleshoot the Outlook Offline Address Book in an Office 365 environment

    For these organizations, downloading the OAB is usually not a concern. However, for some large organizations that have large directories, or for organizations that have deployed Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode, it may be a concern, especially if the organizations have consolidated Exchange servers into a regional datacenter.

    OAB sizes can vary from a few megabytes to a few hundred megabytes.

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